Saturday, November 26, 2005

Game ad-dig

I dig games A LOT. In fact, games have been a part of my life for a very long time. As addictive as it is, it feels like sin. Sometimes, gaming is at the pinnacle of my life's priority list and put sex and money as runner-ups. Would you think that as pathetic???? I wish I can get outta this addiction and get more social life in my time, but the force of it pulling me back right in is just too hard to refuse. Like a drug? well I dunno about that, but perhaps it is (I never tried one and I'm planning not to never try one, ever!)

I live in Indonesia, and here is a heaven-on-earth for gaming freaks like me. You can grab any game software for insanely low price. I own two systems, XBox and PS2, and both of 'em still actively played. A piece of PS2 DVD only costs as much as US$ .50 (yes, it's 50 cents), and an XBox DVD for US$ 1 (one friggin' buck!!!). That's one of the things that I like of being an Indonesian!!!

Game piracy is abundant in here. Can't blame 'em though. It's called 'market demand', folks. Demand for games are high while the price of original games are frustratingly high also. So, our 'creative' businessman creates a market for their (our?) own: pirated game software. You can't escape this, nobody can't. Even for you out there livin' in the Land of Freedom, aka Defender of Human Rights country, piracy is like a plague or virus that you can meet in every breath you take. Sure, piracy is illegal, and you can never make it right as a reason to enjoy other's intellectual property, but hey, we're Indonesian gamers has no choice! Only very limited gamestore sells original titles, but all gamestores sells 'backups'. However, I don't care about controversy, I just care that playing games are good four your (mental) health. And I'm waiting for those hackers to get into their hands inside XBox 360. Sluuurrp!!!! *devilish grin* hihihihi....

Thursday, October 27, 2005

My first ever Blog...ever!

Hmm... what should I write in my first journal posting?

I'm a video game freak so I guess I should write something about games. Um... oh right, yesterday I just finished and completed and beaten one of the coolest game I've ever played in my entire 22 years or so as a gamer: Shadow of the Colossus!! The bosses are HUGE! the game is simplistic in every way, not just any other hack-and-slash, but just fighting one BIG boss after another. Soo... coool!!

Anyway, I can't wait for next week for our long national holiday. We're going to Bali! Yeah! I think I'll visit that new unfortunate bomb site. Curse those terrorists!! They should rot in h**l!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Hello everyone!
Welcome to my blog. I'm updating this regularly, so check back often!


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