Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Official: MS slashed lower price for Xbox 360

Microsoft just announced on their website with its Xbox 360 SKUs price drop in Europe only. really is. Starting Friday 14 March, new Estimated Retail Prices for Xbox 360 consoles start at £159.99, a price cut of about 80 euros from its original installment.

Keep the drooling to minimum, here’s the breakdown:

Xbox Elite

Xbox 360 Arcade console gets a new price tag of £159.99, shaving £40 off the original ERP.

Xbox 360 Premium, with 20GB hard drive and one wireless controller gets a new tag of £199.99, a saving of £50.

Xbox 360 Elite, will have a new price of £259.99, shaving off £40 off the original retail price.

No other announcement regarding a follow suit of price reduction for North American version. You wanna bet for it?

Source: Xbox Official Website

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